S8E94: Daphne Preuss / CarbonBook - Helping Indoor Farmers Reduce Their Carbon Footprints & Fight Climate Change
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S8E94: Daphne Preuss / CarbonBook - Helping Indoor Farmers Reduce Their Carbon Footprints & Fight Climate Change

Episode Summary

This episode we are joined by Daphne Preuss, the founder and CEO of CarbonBook, on an inspiring journey to make the world a greener place. As an experienced entrepreneur and sustainability advocate, she shares valuable insights on reducing carbon emissions in the vertical farming space. Discover the secrets of sustainable agriculture, learn how to manage carbon footprints, and explore the opportunities available in this growing industry. From understanding soil health to rethinking fertilizer use, Daphne offers detailed guidance on making vertical farming more environmentally friendly. Tune in to hear her inspiring story and find out how you can get involved in creating a more sustainable future.

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn about Daphne’s passion for sustainable agriculture and reducing carbon emissions
  • Discover how CarbonBook helps farmers measure and report on their carbon footprint, and how it can benefit the vertical farming industry
  • Explore Daphne’s entrepreneurial background and successes in agriculture, AI, and software
  • Gain insights into the importance of reducing carbon emissions in the vertical farming space, and how the industry can take a leadership role in sustainability
  • Understand the recent advances in research on soil health and fertilizer use, and their impact on carbon capture
  • Find out how consumers may compare vertical farming to traditional outdoor farming in terms of carbon emissions when making purchasing decisions
  • Learn about CarbonBook's breakthroughs in the indoor farming space, as well as their partnerships and accolades
  • Discover Daphne’s advice for scientists in the vertical farming community to not be intimidated by the business world, and how they have all the skills needed to succeed

Tweetable Quotes

“Since the journey of finding my own business, I've also found it really interesting and exciting to help other entrepreneurs who are going through that same process.”

“I often say it's really rewarding to help new founders avoid the mistakes I made over the years. The first time you do something, it's always a learning experience.”

“I would say that early on there was huge exuberance for indoor farming, vertical farming especially. Lots of money being thrown at it. I think as it's matured now, we've seen some of those businesses operate successfully and some of them really struggle. So today reality is hitting people in the face.”

Resources Mentioned

Daphne's Website - https://www.carbonbookinc.com

Daphne's Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/daphne-preuss-26031b

Daphne's Email - daphne@carbonbook.com

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