S4E49: Dandridge Melton - Solving Worldwide Agricultral Challenges through Hydroponic Technology & Shipping Containers
Vertical Farming PodcastJanuary 17, 2022x
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S4E49: Dandridge Melton - Solving Worldwide Agricultral Challenges through Hydroponic Technology & Shipping Containers

Episode Summary:

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Dandridge Melton, founder of Vertical Growth Farming Systems, an organization that’s seeking to change the way that the world approaches hunger, malnutrition, natural disasters and the effects traditional farming has on our environment through their unique container farms.

Today, Harry and Dandridge discuss the vertical farming landscape, competitors to Vertical Growth Farming Systems and how Dandridge’s entrepreneurial spirit has contributed to his success in this immensely important field. They talk about the future of farming and why education is critical if we as a planet are going to be able to adapt to agricultural challenges we soon may face. Dandridge shares his profound belief in this project and talks more about his mission to change the way the world feeds itself.

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What We Covered:

03:41 – Harry welcomes to the show Dandridge Melton who shares his fascinating journey as a serial entrepreneur and what inspired him to launch Vertical Growth Farming Systems

21:31 – Dandridge recalls the first time vertical farming came on his radar

26:52 – Competitors in the vertical farming landscape and the work Dandridge is doing at VGFS

34:18 – The importance of educating the youth on vertical farming

45:32 – A tough question Dandridge has had to ask himself recently and an ask Dandridge has for the audience

51:30 – Harry thanks Dandridge for joining the show and reiterates where listeners can go to learn more about VGFS and connect with Dandridge 

Tweetable Quotes:

“I have learned this from playing hoops in the pickup gym. Every genre of occupation is represented. You’ve got your brain surgeon, your HVHC guy, your lawyer, your plumber, your restaurant owner, your barber. So, over time, you just never know when those relationships are gonna manifest into something you never even thought about.” (17:43) (Dandrige)

“So, I think that we are gonna be a gamechanger in the vertical farming space. And I say that for a couple of reasons. So yes you’ve got your industrial-sized guys in vertical farming, the venture capitalist money, where they’re putting it in vertical farming. It’s all these behemoth implementations.” (27:32) (Dandrige)

“We have a grow room in our shipping containers, so we can go from seed to seedling, and we have a walk-in cooler. And it’s all driven by solar, so we’re completely off the grid.” (31:40) (Dandrige)

“The population continues to grow. We are losing farmable land. So those are diametrically opposed to each other. So, what’s a viable solution? You’re running out of space. You’re running out of good soil. Vertical farming is just going to continue. Whatever it is today, it’s gonna be more important tomorrow. I firmly believe that.” (35:01) (Dandrige)

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