S3E34: Charlie Guy - Simple, Efficient and Sustainable Growing
Vertical Farming PodcastMay 21, 2021x
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S3E34: Charlie Guy - Simple, Efficient and Sustainable Growing

Episode Summary

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of LettUs Grow, Charlie Guy. LettUs Grow brings affordable food growing to the modern city through their patent-pending aeroponics technology. With a background in renewable energy consultancy and engineering design, Charlie is a proponent of tech for good and is passionate about all manners of sustainability. In this episode, Harry and Charlie discuss the work Charlie is doing at LettUs Grow to connect greenhouses with vertical farms. They talk about some of the benefits of aeroponics and technological advances that have been made in recent years. Finally, Charlie speaks to the connection between our food systems and our energy grids and shares what he’s most excited about for the future of LettUs Grow and the overall AgTech industry.

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Key Takeaways

  • 02:37 – Harry welcomes to the show Charlie Guy, CEO and co-founder of LettUs Grow, who talks about the personal and professional impact of Covid-19 and what inspired him to get involved in vertical farming
  • 09:49 – How Charlie shares the origin story of LettUs Grow and their current offerings
  • 13:03 – Charlie expounds on their Drop & Grow platform and opportunities for growth
  • 19:50 – Charlie talks about the work he’s doing to connect greenhouses with vertical farms
  • 23:24 – Charlie explains the various benefits of aeroponics and speaks to the advances in aeroponics technology
  • 27:50 – Changing trends Charlie has noticed in the vertical farming industry
  • 31:47 – Charlie discusses the connection between food and energy grids
  • 36:01 – What excites Charlie the most about opportunities for innovation in vertical farming and at LettUs Grow
  • 44:35 – Challenges Charlie has faced and lessons he’s learned as a leader at LettUs Grow
  • 45:55 – Charlie opens up about what community means to him and a tough question he’s recently had to ask himself
  • 50:31 – Harry thanks Charlie for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can learn more about LettUs Grow and connect with Charlie

Tweetable Quotes

“My background is in sustainable systems thinking and renewable energy. And just taking a look at the potential innovation in food was really exciting for me because there’s a whole raft of areas of innovation we could bring to the industry.” (11:29)

“We take a very open approach to working in academia. We take an open approach to try to push the boundaries of the industry and move things forward for everyone.” (19:40)

“For me, there’s a big disconnect between our food systems and our energy systems. Be that electrical energy or energy that goes into transporting produce around the world or the actual food item. I think if we want to address the big problems that we need to in climate and environmental issues then we need to start looking at food and energy in a more joined up way.” (32:09)

“We’ve seen some of the recent large investments into greenhouses and you can’t deny that’s linked to the growth of the vertical farming industry. And both the learnings from those that have been growing greenhouses for a long time and the trickle down technologies that can come from vertical farming into that space are really exciting.” (41:37)

“Community is that sense of collective belonging and collective connection. That connection with people and what that brings and enriches your life with.” (46:09)

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