S1E13 Michelle Bonahoom - Lighting the Way Forward: How Heilux is Impacting the AgTech Industry
September 23, 2020
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S1E13 Michelle Bonahoom - Lighting the Way Forward: How Heilux is Impacting the AgTech Industry

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Interim CEO at Heilux, Michelle Bonahoom. In this episode, Harry and Michelle talk all about what’s happening in the world of lighting and it’s impact on the vertical farming industry. Michelle discusses her decision to take on the role of Interim CEO at Heilux, the impact Covid-19 has had on her consulting business and what excites her the most about the future of AgTech.

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Key Takeaways

03:01 – Harry welcomes Michelle Bonahoom to the show to discuss her role at Heilux and the different technologies they develop for the vertical farming industry

08:13 – How Heilux works to address their clients’ challenges

12:39 – Michelle speaks to product development and the genesis of her entrepreneurial journey

15:51 – Where Michelle developed her passion for helping small businesses

21:36 – How Heilux operates within the vertical farming and indoor AgTech industry

27:38 – Michelle talks about the upcoming Vertical Farming Congress, where she will be a guest speaker

29:22 – Michelle discusses how Covid-19 has impacted her consulting business and Heilux

34:35 – What excites Michelle the most about the future of vertical farming

36:24 – A tough question Michelle has had to ask herself lately and where listeners can follow Michelle and Heilux


“In 2016, the company [Heilux] was really, really good at knowing the science of light and how to leverage the science of light to be able to solve human problems.” (05:38)

“Instead of building it and then hoping they come, you involve the customer along the way.” (13:21)

“A lot of people, like seventy percent of the population – are afraid of change. And I love change.” (16:02)

“There’s infinite possibilities with how you can use light. And so, we’re really focusing on building a system that allows you to leverage those infinite possibilities with light spectrum.” (23:39)

“Covid-19 is an unfortunate event, but I think it’s bringing a lot of awareness to us in the industry or to others as to the need to solve some of the gaps in the food supply chain challenges.” (32:26)

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